Membership is open to barristers with a substantial tax practice or those, particularly more junior members, who evidence an intention to develop such a practice. Applicants should complete the online application form below which will be sent direct to the RBA secretary.

Member application

    (These are not open to employed barristers)
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  • I wish to apply for membership of the Revenue Bar Association AND by submitting this form I confirm the following:

    (1) Either (a) or (b) below applies to me:

    (a) I am a barrister in independent practice at the Bar of England and Wales who practices substantially in Revenue Law or intends to develop such a practice;

    (b) I am an employed barrister who has been called to the Bar of England and Wales and am entitled to a practising certificate and my work consists substantially of Revenue Law;

    (2) I will pay a £75 membership fee by cheque or bank transfer upon receiving a confirmation email from the RBA that my membership application has been approved

    (3) I hereby consent to my data being used in accordance with the privacy policy.