Dr Anthony Richardson

Call : 2001

Libertas Chambers


My practice is mostly commercial law focused, domestically and internationally, but includes financial crime matters (e.g. bribery, fraud, POCA/ATF). I’m also a member of the Bermuda Bar.

I also have over 12 years experience in drafting and providing legal advice regarding Bermuda’s Customs/ tax law (including drafting legislation and providing legal advice to enable Bermuda and its International Business Sector to remain compliant and current with several tax treaties). The legislation drafted by me has often been used by other offshore jurisdictions as templates for helping them modernize their own customs/ tax laws.


Certificate in Higher Education (Harvard); Dual MPhil/PhD in Philosophy and Law degree (London); Master of Laws (London); PgDL (Bar Exams) PgDL; LLB (Hons) (Cardiff); BA (Victoria, Canada).